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2009 DTM Season

Discussion in 'Motorsports' started by Eckhart von Glan, May 13, 2007.

  1. The following link provides the chance to drive a dtm mercedes at hockenheim. you've got to fulfill certain requirements (e.g. I need not apply cause I am too tall at 1,93m!), the basic hurdle being: the page is in german!

  2. Bruno Spengler will start from pole on the lausitz ring.
    Mikka will try to do better then last time when he give a good position away


    Pos. Naam Merk Tijd
    1. Bruno Spengler Mercedes 1:18.408
    2. Mika Hakkinen Mercedes + 0'113"
    3. Paul Di Resta Mercedes + 0'252"
    4. Bernd Schneider Mercedes + 0'322"
    5. Jamie Green Mercedes + 0'577"
    6. Alexandre Premat Audi + 0'624"
    7. A.Margaritis Mercedes + 0'855"
    8. Daniel La Rosa Mercedes + 0'962"
    9. Mattias Ekstrom Audi + 0'895"
    10. Timo Scheider Audi + 1'023"
    11. Martin Tomczyk Audi + 1'036"
    12. Adam Carroll Audi + 1'135"
    13. Gary Paffett Mercedes + 1'145"
    14. Mathias Lauda Mercedes + 1'293"
    15. M.Rockenfeller Audi + 1'405"
    16. Lucas Luhr Audi + 1'467"
    17. Susie Stoddart Mercedes + 1'495"
    18. Christian Abt Audi + 1'518"
    19. M.Winkelhock Audi + 1'564"
    20. Vanina Ickx Audi + 2'432"

    It looks like the old cars are doing it again.
  3. Finaly...Hakkinen has managed to win a race in the new C-class.
    But even more respect for Paul Di Resta, who finisht in a year old car in second place with Bruno Spengler on third.
    So it`s an all C-class podium.
  4. The entire C-Class Squad was in the Top 5.

    Bad day for Audi I guess.

    Great Audi crash, btw - lousy long safety car periods though.
    And not the best racing administration.

    I don't like Lausitzring anyway... ;)


  5. yeah , even the racedirector`s where confused who and where the race leader whas.
    Strange crash, just a little tough and a complete front of an audi incl front wheel whas gone.
    Not a good season so far for Premat.
  6. No, but he took it pretty professional.
    Didn't look that disappointed.

  7. Anyone who knows why Ekström was called in for an additional pit stop?
  8. He went in the pit just after the sefetycar whas deployd.
    Then the pit is closed.
    So as punishment he hat to make a nother additional pitstop.
  9. Hakkinen again on pole -->Brandshatch

    Mikka Hakkinen did it again.
    He drove the fastest quali lap on Brandshatch.
    Bruno Spengler made it a Mercedes 1,2 on the starting grid.
    Alexander Premat also set his best qualy in his DTM carreer.
    A 3th place on the grid will give him a great change for a good start.
    Beside Premat will start from 4th Mathias Ekstrom.
    He set his time in de last rounds of quali.
    His team mate Tomzcyk drove his audi in the tyre wall and will start further down the field.

    Brandshatch (short) will be an excyting race for the DTM fans.
  10. Bruno on pole on Norrisring

    Bruno Spengler has taken pole possition on the Norris ring.
    Just a blink in front of Mikka Hakinnen.
    3th on the grid will be Bernd Schneider.

    1. Bruno Spengler 55.963
    2. Mika Häkkinen. 56.199 00.236
    3. Bernd Schneider 56.261 00.298
    4. Gary Paffett 56.447 00.484
    5. Timo Scheider 56.527 00.564
    6. Jamie Green 56.584 00.621
    7. Mattias Ekström 56.678 00.715
    8. Tom Kristensen 56.746 00.783
    9. Paul di Resta 57.259 00.657
    10. Christian Abt 57.322 00.720
  11. and the winner will be Gary Paffett :)
  12. Audi all the way in Mugello

    With the first 5 places taken by audi one can say that this is an audi track.
    Bruno Spengler is the first Mercedes that apears on the starting grid.


    Mikka Hakkinen whas at the least said happy with his performance.
    Gues Audi will dominate this round of the DTM serie`s.
    At Zandvoort it will be a complete different game again.

    But let`s enjoy this one in Mugello first.
  13. mmmm Maybe going to Zandvoort to look at the race...
    Who is willing to go to?
  14. What a surprising finish.

    And a briliant pit strategy by "The Hakster" (as they call Hakkinen on motors tv ).
    This could have been an all Audi podium.
    But some wild manouvres and weird spins made it an Mercdes - Audi - Mercedes podium.

    1 - Mika Hakkinen
    2 - Mathias Ekstrom
    3 - Paul Di Resta
  15. Yoeri Gijsen

    Yoeri Gijsen
    aReDeeeLeMeS Staff

    When is it, I think it would be a cool day out with the team again :D
  16. zandvoort 14 days

    in two weeks, sounds like a good idea for the netherlands branch of rpm!
    watched the dtm at hockenheim last year, brilliant. the sideshow is terrific, too, carrera cup, seat cup etc.
  17. I would say lets make a topic!! :)
  18. Well people....

    It`s almost time to rock the dune`s in zandvoort.

    Does anyone wanna make a prediction ?

    And does anyone from the forum goes to zantvoort ?

    I`ll put my money on Ekstrom.

    Followed by hakkinen and Timo Sheider.
  19. And the Audi`s did it again.......


    And again the first mercedes is Bruno Spengler in 6th place.
    And last race winner Hakkinen on 13th place.

    I dont think Mika will have the same luck as he hat last race.
  20. I'll be there tomorrow to see the action live! :D

    Are there more people going?