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Misc 2008 Season Mod 1.1

This mod brings F1 2014 back to the 2008 season.

  1. wpinrui submitted a new resource:

    F1 2008 Season Mod - This mod brings F1 2014 back to the 2008 season.

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  2. wpinrui updated F1 2008 Season Mod with a new update entry:

    F1 2008 Teamwear Update

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  3. Excellent but after some races i didnt see any safety car or abandoned cars....
  4. Hello, fantastic DB2008 but i have a little problem: the photos are right but the names are wrong. For exemple, in Ferrari Team you have the Raikkonen photo but the name it's written "Fernando Alonso"!!!
  5. I'd like to know if it works with Cromiell's Realistic Damage Mod... just to know, I'm already using your awesome mod but that would make it even more awesome ;)
  6. Yep, damage mod works fine. In fact I use it myself. That mod makes the game so much more realistic
  7. Sir, the mod looked so good, that I decided to reinstall F1 2014. The biggest surprise was that you did not only make me play the game again, but with this mod I have soooo much fun, I can't even stop playing it at some time. Very good job, the best season mod I have tried on this game. Simply awesome.
  8. Do you use a different language (file) than provided? It seems so.

    Also at author: I've read in the reviews sth. 'bout TV screen mixed names? Do you mean the short names like ALO, VET etc.? If yes, as you have changed the driver's names instead of switching the IDs in the database, you need to change in the f1 drivers tab the short_name_string_id. For new names you need to create a graphic/file in the non_persistant file as if I recall correctly, it will load the card_image_XXX because of the short name change if that makes sense.

    And yes, no DRS from 2013 works here, too. Uhm, seems I never uploaded a version for 2014 (but I had one), if I remember correctly Austria and Russia were new, right? (am at work currently and don't have F1 2014 installed at home anymore)
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  9. Thanks so much! Now I finally know how to do this. I have national exams on the agenda at the moment so maybe I won't be able to work on this for now but really, I've been wondering how to fix this for a long time xD
  10. This is awesome, great work! Using it with a few other mods to get as close to the 2008 Season as possible, so posting this as both a reference of some mods I've tested and and therefore know work with it and as a reference of some extra mods people can put with it if they want too to make it closer to the real 2008 season.

    Tyres Bridgestone 2008 - This mod works perfectly and gives you the right tyres for the year, not had any issues with it.
    More Natural Colors | Realistic Lighting | All tracks - Personal preference but I prefer it and can confirm nothing in this mod interferes with it, works fine.
    No DRS - As stated earlier in the thread, the 2013 version of No DRS works on 2014, unfortunately on new tracks added in 2014 there will still be DRS with this mod though.
    F1 2014 Realistic Damage - Personal preference again but this mod works fine with this and gives you far more realistic damage.

    Only thing that's still bothering me is being stuck with the 2014 sound for the 2008 season instead of the V8 noise, not found a good sound mod that makes it sound like the V8's so if anyone can find one please let me know, thanks.
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  11. I don't want to install F1 2014 for just a handful textfiles, but if you like, send me the triggers_pit files from all tracks (yes, all afaik some parameters did change between 2013 and 2014) and I'll release a NoDRS for 2014, too (seems I have deleted also my modding stuff from F1 2014 when cleaning up unnecessary things :D)

    For the sound, one could use/adapt the sound of classic or DLC cars from 2013 (but one would have to adjust the xml config for the sound I think)
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  12. You did just want the triggers_pit files right? Here they are for all tracks, put them in a .rar and uploaded to mediafire, here.

    With the sound, I tried to just copy-paste the F1 2013 sounds over haha, didn't work though, everything would seem fine until I tried to join a race, and it would be loading forever and never actually get to the race, so yeah, there must be some edits there I guess if someone were to use those, unfortunately I have no idea what I'm doing so I can't really edit anything.

    There is only one other thing I've noticed after playing some more, it's not a big deal, but it would be cool if anyone knows how to edit the points system, so we could use the 10, 8, 6 etc. system that was used that year instead of the 25, 18, 15 etc. point system from recent years.
  13. You can't change the point system, it's hardcoded it seems.
    I'd know how to edit engine settings and test around but since I don't have the game installed anymore, it makes no sense to edit without live tests, so that's one point I can't help you further.

    Will edit the trigger files in the next few days, want to finish my mod for F1 2015 successfully at first ^__^
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  14. If you want, send me the speechXMLBuffer_re.bin file from the audio folder, I think I remembered how to edit the file so the engineer won't talk about DRS.

    Btw. is KERS enabled in 2008 season (mod)? This file also contains the KERS speech triggers.
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  15. Nah, there isn't any KERS in F1 2014 so I guess the file must just be a leftover ones from 2013 that they copied over I guess?

    Here's the speechXMLBuffer_re.bin file, it's only a minor annoyance but I'll be very grateful if you can stop them talking about DRS, it does get a little distracting when they keep talking about when DRS is going to be active despite it being disabled lol

    The only other thing I've noticed since the last time I posted here, though I doubt this one can be fixed, is that it uses the original drivers names from the team that you're in..I'm not explaining this well, so example:

    I've concluded the Honda car is converted from the Mercedes (Though it certainly doesn't drive as well as one, +1 for realism), and that Lewis Hamilton in the Mercedes was changed too Jenson, and that Nico Rosberg was changed to Rubens Barrichello. I could be wrong, but the reason I think this is because in career, I started with Honda. Jenson is my team mate, and whenever the team is updating me on his status they refer to him as Lewis.
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  16. Where's the file? I don't see any link.

    Speaking about the driver names, I know how to change that, I've now started to download this mod to edit it.
    Names that exist can be used, names that don't exist originally can made silent for most of the scenarios.
    It's something that needs to be changed in the database, too.
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  17. Oops, I had meant to hyperlink it to where I wrote the file name but forgot, here it is: File
    Yeah, with the driver names I wasn't sure what could be done there if anything, I figured most would have to be made silent.
  18. Do you happen to have a list of who's who know? Would make things easier, else I have to compare the language file.