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11/1 Wing setttings and No oversteer

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by alfons, Nov 16, 2012.

  1. I've dialed in the setup of the Williams in career mode on full oversteer, the car still produces tons of understeer.
    Even a setting of 11 for the front wing and 1 for the rear wing , I cannot get the car to clip the apex at certain turns. It's really annoying.

    Also , for some reason I'm usually purple in sector 1 of every track ( usually up by 1 sec over the AI in Legend difficulty ) and then I lose tons of time in sector 2,3. This is prevalent even if increase drag and put the rear wing settings to 7,8 to negate the top speed effect I have over the AI.

    There are corners where I'm just understeering off and even if I manage to clip the apex , the AI is ridiculously fast around there. For example Turn 13 in Melbourne , Turn 7,8 in Sepang . Turn 11 and 14 in Sakhir.

    And there are certain turns like Turn 1 in Shanghai and and turn 1 in Sepang where the AI is ridiculously slow.

    I dont know if Steam has downloaded the patches but the file version I have is

    Any ideas ?

  2. Don't mix aero grip with mechanical grip, they work in different ways
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  3. Yes, welcome to the wonderful world of F1 2012 understeer. This has been reported from day one from the majority of players & was admitted by codemasters that there was a problem supposedly addressed to some degree by a particular patch. You do notice a very small difference since the patch, but only a very small percentage.

    AI being disproportionately faster particularly in sector 3 is also a very known issue.

    Car setups are completely different in F1 2012 than they were in F1 2011, so you really do need to start from scratch rather than trying to use your 2011 base, if that's what you've done ?

    Stick with it & alter how you drive to find quicker lap times, it's surprising what a difference small adjustments to how you drive can make a big difference to lap times.

    The Williams is a particularly bad car to drive for understeer especially in your 1st career at all the early races. My suggestion is to try some Time Trial in a Mclaren where you have a huge amount more grip to get the fun back in the game & then go back to career as it will teach you quite a lot. Learn & enjoy the game first, then attempt full tyre sim, worked for me as I almost gave up & ditched the game completely ...
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  4. not understeer. its the world of codemasters pyhsics. they dont have any plan of formula physics i think.
  5. I am just starting with F1 2012 on PC and before diving into career (still waiting for the additional patches). I wanted to do bit testing on the different setups and how they relate to oversteer/understeer.

    Just this week I did the following in Melbourne using Caterham (I like it, it is guite stable, albeit slow). I started with the standard Neutral setup. Run enough laps (about 30) that I could be constant (low 1:28s, checking telemetry with F1Speed). I player around with just wing settings (2, 6, 10, all combinations) to find the fastest model for me. Then I moved back to Neutral, but this time played with the anti-roll bars. Same 2, 6, 10 and all combinations (2-2, 2-6, 2-10, etc.). Low and behold, e.g. with Front anti-roll 2 and Rear anti-roll 10 (everything else on Neutral settings) I got an oversteery car with loose backend. Still if I go overly fast into corners and miss the racing line, you get understeer, but the car feels quite different than with the 6-6 anti-roll bar setting. So if you are suffering from understeer, you might want to check these settings and play around bit. I haven't done these test with other teams (or other tracks) yet as it is quite time consuming.

  6. Thanks for the info. Great help .

    I did that at Melbourne and qualified on pole despite being 1.3 seconds off before practicing in TT . However the sector 3 issue still loomed and was really evident during the race where before the entry a car would be around 6 to 7 tenths behind me and after turn 13 , they would at times collide in the back of me.

    Never really complained about F1 2010 and 2011 , thought they were at least fun to play . This game is just frustrating and makes my hands ache like hell since I play with an Xbox controller.

    I've also noticed that for really hard braking points and in case you are using Auto Gear, it helps to slow down the car by manually downshifting The same applies at times to get a good turn in by downshifting before a medium speed corner.

    Still cant understand how could CM miss out on the concept of oversteer completely ! No matter what I do or how vigorously I turn into the corner , I do not spin.
  7. last year w f12011 many was complaining about the rear end sliding and too much oversteer . now that they heard to the complaints of 2011 ppl complain about understeer .
  9. I can't believe there are still people that think that F1 cars have to handle like in F1 2011, and not like in 2012. LOL. This is a lot closer to what an F1 car feels. If you don't like it - F1 isn't your sport. Go drive NFS Shift or something. And to be honest, I can definitely make the car oversteer in F1 2012. Not like on Austin this weekend, but cars do oversteer. You just have to be closer to the limit to make them.
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  10. While i agree with you that 2012 is better than 2011, please stop pretending that 2012 is close to being a realistic simulation of an F1 car and dismissing real problems with the game.
  11. I said it's closer. I didn't say it's a real simulator. It's not. It's even not considered as a simulator. My problem is that everyone is moaning how F1 2012 is the worst game, just because it's closer to reality = harder = they can't play it. Well, I'm 1 second off the pace I'd want to be, but am I crying? Am I moaning? That's my problem. When someone sees a challenge - he just starts crying and etc. He doesn't accept it. Well, we're all here to live the F1 live without having the money to do it in real life. Would you quit just because you didn't like the handling of your real F1 car? No. But all they do is moan around that the car is understeering. Well, a real F1 car is always understeering. You'll never see a car that has more oversteer than understeer. It's rear will always have more downforce and grip. Yes, it's not as it should be. In this game you lose the rear end in an incredibly strange way and you feel the front strangely. But it's closer to reality than 2011. That's the point. CM is going forward. All they should do is "unrail" the cars a little bit. And increase the slide grip. That's all. I haven't analyzed the game tho. I just drive the car. There might be other problems too, but I haven't spotted them. It just needs more touches. Let's just hope 2013 is gonna be better. 2014 better than 2013. And so on. This game series is going forward for now, so I'm happy! :D
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  12. In terms of the driving, 2012 is the best yet, by a distance in my view. Many people are judging this game by 2011 standards, and I think that is where the problems lie. So you can't throw the car into corners while on the brakes like 2011, good! I've not noticed the massive understeer issue on this game really, only when I carry too much speed into a corner, and surely that's a good thing, despite being personally annoying when it happens.
    At the end of the day, I'm sure codies would love to spend 2 years on a title to make sure it's perfect, but they are now under FIA pressure to meet deadlines every year, even if they know it's not totally finished and needs patching. To their credit, codies have done a much better job of that this year. Just wish they had 75% races :)
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  13. F1 car in F1 2012 (By CM) is AWD. Thats the only problem.
  14. Well, my problem is people dismissing a real issue with the game like it isn't there, you should mind that in your defense of 2012.
    I can cope with it, but i can still see quite clearly that issue is there, is it better than 2011? Sure, but that's not a whole lot of praise when you remember that 2011 was arcadier than 2010.

    In your "these cars don't oversteer" rant(btw i hope that you watched FP this weekend and seen the number of spins) you forgot something really important, rear wheel drive and very low inertia.
  15. How 650kg can have low intertia? Besides, I can't see "understeer problem" at all. Go play NetKar Pro for example, all time considered as best sim. I have no idea how proper formula car should handle, but to me it feels real. F1 2012 is not much different upon corner entry and corner apex. Big difference is on corner exit, in good sim rearend of the car dances, in F1 2012 it is glued to the track. Same as it was in F1 2011. In F1 2010 rearend can only snap abruptly, regardless of throttle control. THAT is the problem. You absolutely can't use throttle to steer the car, so my opinion Codies should fix THAT.
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  16. 650 kg is extremely low inertia, really ridiculously low, under the g-forces F1 cars are submitted, which is why F1's are considered quickest reacting cars in the world.
    Every single seater would be considered low inertia cars in the racing world, but F1 takes the cake.

    And i actually agree with you, the problem isn't so much that the car needs to have more front end grip, the problem is that the balance between front and rear seems wrong.

    Have you Ferrari virtual academy? it is based on the Kunos/Netkar code with Ferrari support, i can tell you the car is a lot more nervous on entry and under braking.
  17. Thats exactly the problem imo. The car rear feels glued to the track, makes me feel im driving an AWD F1.
  18. How is your rear super glued? I always have problem with slow corner exit over steer. I think you do it wrong with the setups making your rear too grippy. Experiment a little and you'll find the differences. Oh and you probably know that but adding grip to the rear means you take off grip from the front. Think about that.
    F1 cars have no inertia. Just a simple lift of the throttle is like hitting full brakes on your road car while driving at 100 km/h. These cars have huge amount of down force and their drag coef. is around 1 while normal cars have it around 0.3. How do you want inertia then?
  19. Even using a setup like this:
    Wings F11 - R1
    Suspension Height 1-11
    Stiffness 1-11
    ARB Rear 11
    I still don't have oversteer. Worst of it, the car is still stable to drive. Because of the rear glued to the track, it feels like the F1 in this game is an AWD car, or a F1 completely underpowered. Take the last corner on Melbourne for example, as long as you don't open the DRS too soon and your tyres are not dirt, then you can just apply full throttle and you'll not lose the car rear with any setup. I noticed that you lose the car rear only if something is not right, like opening the DRS too soon, driving with dirt tyres, cold tyres, too much throttle on the wet. But doing it right on the racing line the rear is very stable. Also, as you said about the inertia, i used to apply the throttle to give me more oversteer and correct the car nose on corners, but on F1 2012 i can't do this, if i apply the throttle (even full power) the rear is not loose, so i'll just go straigh :(