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Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by David Garcia, Sep 10, 2010.

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  1. Wait for the image to load...
  2. Last race of the seasson is already here, so thread open.

    Guys, I need you to pay special attention to the BRIEFING I will post in some days due to the track special conditions.
  3. Wow that has to be the best poster yet! (of course I am biased though) Those colours really stand out. Tob job :)
  4. I would say "a splashing" design :good:
  5. nice poster :)

    erm guys... could you run the server on Hamilton pls? today is the only occasion for me to do some laps before thursday and the server is still running on Interlagos :(

    PS: yes, I could drive offline, but I'd like to practice in "real" conditions
  6. I am really looking forward to this race, last event I ran in STC I suffered a pit bug :( But I am looking to redeem myself with a solid run here at Hamilton.

    Anyways look for me in the FDR car!

    Anyone care to share some lap times? Im so completely new to this car/mod and would like to know if im close.
  7. Danny Asbury

    Danny Asbury
    Premium Member

    I've only done about 20 laps, and so far the best I've done is 1:20.xxx. Considering I'm struggling with the setup as of late, I expect this time to be blown away however. Just remember, Keith, you can pretty much cut anything in STC and get away with it, as long as the game doesn't give you a penalty. So make sure to use whatever space makes you faster.

    Btw, nice poster guys. Best of the season so far, I think.
  8. i will not race here, but i had a race with my teammates, and i have to say i like this track so much. As was at troy my feeling is good and i love to race in street circuits. I managed to do the best lap in race with damaged car (at first lap,first turn :D).
    Hope my teammates will race better than me and bring some other points to CORTEAM!
  9. I'am the exact opposite of you Nicola, i hate this track and street circuit :D
  10. I'm with you Greg, don't fancy street courses much either, neither as a viewer in real life nor as a player in a sim. Just done some laps on the Gubklubben server and this track is lovingly done but oh soooo bumpy and with walls soooo close and did I tell you it was slippery like hell, too? I think a good setup will make all the difference here, somehting that helps you turn in the car decently and not lose the rear powering out of turns. Will be a difficult compromise. What is irritating: breakpoints are on average before you reach the markers (200m, 150mm etc.), only track I can remember where this is the case.
  11. Yes, the bumps are the hell and is very difficult to find a good setup for them. Is one of the most difficult track for me, i think.
  12. Danny Asbury

    Danny Asbury
    Premium Member

    I agree with this. I usually like street circuits, but this one seems very weird.
  13. This circuit is street, bumpy, fast, short lap... A CHALLENGE!
  14. I agree it is a challenge. However I feel Street tracks never really work in sim racing, there just isn't the spacial awarness of real life, with so many cars on track theres bound to be many incidents, also without safty cars the track could easily become blocked. Its the final race with alot at stake, for that reason I think it will be exiting but as a race I'm not to sure its going to be a classic. Its good to have a challenging track but we can go too far with it, the challenge is between the teams, in my mind its better to have a track that allows that challenge/competition to take centre stage.
  15. Once past T1-3 there is quite a lot of space on this track however.
  16. omg... just watched an onboard lap in a V8 Supercar around this track - awesome! I didn't do a single practice lap and therefor have absolutely no clue what to do setupwise or even how to get round here :D have to work until 7 and then drive 60km back home... hmm maybe a Top10 would be good under these circumstances.

    however, I wish you all good luck and a fair race, looking forward to a great finale :)
  17. Well, look at Trois Rivieres... it was slow, narrow and full of traffic due to a minute laptime... and the team´s driving standards where really up to a profesional level. We will have the same tonight, I am sure of it.
  18. Correct, the challenge is with the wall in this type of circuit, I prefer faster and specially vintage circuit :)

    From tomorrow I switch to GT Legend :)

    Anyway I hope to have a good setup for tonight... and survive at the first 3 corner. GLA in advance to all drivers!
  19. Xosé Estrada

    Xosé Estrada
    Premium Member

    Tonight is the night, like Dexter says :)
  20. Lol indeed.
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