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10' BPM Booster New R

Discussion in 'Racer Cars' started by AMGfan(BPM), Mar 5, 2010.

  1. 10' BPM Booster New R - Update Available

    Update available in the end of this post. (new lights flares, new beam, reverse light)

    Here is a little commercial.


    BPM Booster R 2010 (BPM Booster R 2008)

    Body: Carbon Fiber
    Engine: 3788cc 40v V8 DOHC Alluminium N/A petrol (2496cc 24v V6 SOHC fixed geometry turbocharger 7psi. ball-bearing)
    Power: 410hp@7700rpm (395hp@9000 - real power: 320hp)
    Torque: 420Nm@5000rpm (390@6500rpm)
    Max Speed: 325km/h (305km/h)
    Acceleration (0-100km/h): 3.8s (4s)
    Weight (without driver-kg): 1200 (880)
    Transmission: 6-Speed Manual
    Rims [rear-front]: 335/30R19 - 275/35R19

    2010 features: New headlight, New bumpers, New Exhaust (8x4), Xenon 5000K headlight, Electric Sky Roof in Carbon Fiber, ABS 5.1, Hi-Fi sound system with Bluetooth, Led Tail-light, BAER brakes (340mm disc and 6 piston calipers), New Rim style, Caramel interior leather, 3 metallic colors available: Pepper Red, Luxury Black Pearl and White Rosso.

    Booster S is out of line.



    Differences between Beta and Final: Flares in right place, side windows, more silencer interior sound, pacejka updated.

    Credits: Me, some blueprints, Old booster R (and cosmo), francomk and krsman3D.

    Link: Old Booster R 2008 - http://www.tracciontrasera.es/modules.php?name=Downloads&d_op=viewdownload&cid=90

    LINK New R:

    Official Mirror: http://www.tracciontrasera.es/modules.php?name=Downloads&d_op=viewdownload&cid=90

    Thanks all who tried that beta, and who will try. Hope everybody enjoys it!

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  2. Downloaded. I'll try it soon. Thanks.
  3. I've already tried it, not bad, though the brakes when the ABS is turned off are basically unusable, breathing on the pedal results in the brakes locking up. Other than that I liked it.
  4. Nice another car to add to my repository :)
  5. I had a senior moment and I think the attachment fixes a couple of Qlog errors. It's a modified .shd file. Use it as you wish.

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  6. thanks mister!
  7. NOEZ! Links dead : S
  8. new mirror to download! ;)
  9. Thanks :3
  10. Oh, damn: "The file "bpm_booster_r_2010.rar" does not appear no be compressed or encoded. It is advised that you obtain further information about the contents of this file from the sender or provider of the file. It will help to know what program created the file and what operating system(s) the file can be used on.Mac OS X 10.5.8. So, try to make it rar with older program so it supports mac too.
  11. Winde, try redownloading it, that OS should be more than capable of opening it. If that fails try "TheUnarchiver".
  12. Don't know about Mac OS. Sorry.
  14. This is the most fantistic car I have download, it occupies me 26MB hard dish without unwrap, somehow this car only run for holiday parade, I use Racer0543 and Macbook, can somebody tell me how to modify file to increase speed. Thanks!
  15. Increase speed, you mean FPS ratio I hope! If you mean car speed, it wont be necessary. I have plan to do R-GT limited edition. :)
  16. Best sounding car in Racer
  17. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Indeed. What are the sounds from AMG?
  18. BMW?
  19. yep a mix between bmw and amg lol
  20. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Haha, nice.