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Toyota Sera - Stock, TRD & GT 1.0

One curious little car, three different flavors

  1. A3DR
    3D models created by Alberto Daniel Russo (@A3DR)
    Physics by Jason Coates (@aphidgod)
    Special thanks to Joseph, who shared pics of his real car as well as doing a lot of research on technical data and measurements

    Sound samples from official Kunos cars

    Click here if you'd like to donate something for my work:

    What started as a simple project turned out to be more technical than we've expected, with other projects getting in the way, so it took over a year to have a decent release version
    Joseph, the owner, was working on the stock physics but it got a bit complicated for him, so @aphidgod took over to finish all three versions. TRD and GT are built according to real specs and available parts, except the widebody aero kit which its made up by myself.

    Stock version is automatic, as most of these cars came out like that from the factory. Only a few were 5-spd, so my advise is to play it with auto shifter on.

    Here are the tech specs for the two special versions:


    • TRD adjustable coilovers
    • Camber/caster plates
    • Rear ARB
    • 4AGE engine swap
    • 4.312:1 final drive
    • Limited slip differential
    • Track-compound brake pads
    • 195mm tires on +30mm offset wheels
    GT (Time Attack car)
    • AWD driveline/underbody swap from EP85 Starlet, custom differentials/driveshafts
    • Tuned 3SGTE (from MR2 Turbo)
    • Matching E153 gearbox
    • 3.94:1 axle ratio from a Solara
    • Fully custom wide-track suspension with relocated body mounts
    • Custom steering rack
    • Custom coilovers, ARBs, topmounts
    • Full race brake kit
    • Minor weight reduction
    • Widebody + aero package
    • 225mm tires on +19mm offset wheels
    Keep in mind this project started over a year ago, so the 3D model might have some flaws here and there. Don't expect the polishing level of my 512TR or Diablo, learned a lot along the way, so tried to keep this one up to date without delaying the release any longer.
    Still all parts work (gullwing doors, shifter animation, gauges, lights, etc.) and while it's not the most optimized model texture wise, I've tried to compress the textures all I could to keep file size down. Stock and TRD have LOD's, but not the GT.



    GT (Time Attack)
    Screenshot_a3dr_toyota_sera_gt_ks_black_cat_county_1-9-117-5-43-46.jpg Screenshot_a3dr_toyota_sera_gt_skidpad05_1-9-117-5-13-10.jpg

    As a bonus all of them feature the SLSS (Super Live Sound System) with 7 speakers and adjustable rear speakers from Funky to Casual mode, pressing the 0 key on the numpad in showroom.

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Recent Reviews

  1. SR26Inside
    Version: 1.0
    No words.Excellent.LoL
  2. Niralja
    Version: 1.0
    You are the rising value of car modding, your involvement and the quality of your work is mind-blowing.
    Thank you for all your Mods and the rest, I see your name everywhere xD.
    Thanks again.
  3. Carlitox
    Version: 1.0
    Fantastic work! I never even heard about this car, let alone knew that these were the doors that inspired those in the McLaren F1! The stock version is just so detailed and cool to drive. Only the auto gearbox drives me nuts but that's not your fault is it? The track versions are the icing in the cake, drifting in the extreme version is pure joy.
    Overall, a monster job, like all your other releases.
  4. arthur666
    Version: 1.0
    Great job. Lots of fun details on the model, and 1.0 drives very believably.
  5. Ross Macfarlane
    Ross Macfarlane
    Version: 1.0
    I love a good Toyota.
  6. Assetto Forza
    Assetto Forza
    Version: 1.0
    Nice, thanks!
  7. K4rBonStig
    Version: 1.0
    Nice work, many thanks!
  8. Crayfish
    Version: 1.0
    Kunos should incorporate this, not just to fill its gap of FWD cars but just on its quality alone. AAA quality content.
  9. NeX2PC
    Version: 1.0
    Hy ! Thx you for this good job ! Lots of details !
    I just have a problem with the force feedback (i think) with the GT Time attack version. Is it normal or it's me ? How can i fix it ? O:)
  10. karina-moskva
    Version: 1.0
    Very nice !
  11. Sascha92
    Version: 1.0
    Fun car to drive, great model, great sounds! Thank you!
  12. rubencer
    Version: 1.0
    Awesome Work, Thank You!!!!!
  13. JP Church
    JP Church
    Version: 1.0
    Superb quality as always, big thanks!
  14. Alman
    Version: 1.0
    Hyper quality Daniel, as usual.
  15. Azylee
    Version: 2017-09-03
    Insane Quality.
    btw can u fix the steering holding
    can i make it hold at 9 and 3 spot
    awesome btw
    and pls change the steering wheel too!
  16. manzes82
    Version: 2017-09-03
    Stunning....awesome....impressive...i need more superlatives
  17. kaitora
    Version: 2017-09-03
    To the guy saying the sound is off and that you should use the NA miata sound, I say please don't! From having owned a 5E engined toyota, I can tell it's a lot like the stock sound of the 4A, the car is just a bit slower. Immaculate modelling, great mod overall.
  18. Dade
    Version: 2017-09-03
    Downloading now but will test later, these just from your post actually look brilliant.

    Excited to use them :)
  19. Alkobelka
    Version: 2017-09-03
  20. ninetynine
    Version: 2017-09-03
    Great texturing, great model, pretty decent physics.

    just the sound is bothering me a bit. i know you used a toyota engine sound, the 4age. but it sounds so unfitting for the weak-ish 105hp engine it has. like, too aggressive. have you thought about looking at the miata na sound? just for having it a bit softer or so.
    other than that, great.
    1. A3DR
      Author's Response
      Yes, that's a good idea! completely forgot about the Miata NA, I'll include it in the next update for sure. Thanks!