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Telemetry Application 6.2

New version of the Telemetry application. This one is meant only for F1 2017

  1. Iko Rein

    Version for F1 2017 is here.

    The new version use the data format of V1.3 of F1 2017, so you need to have the latest update in order to use this.

    Biggest changes:
    • Added AI car data in many views, like the Map panel, the minimap in Telemetry panel and added new RawAIData panel.
    • Added RaceHistory panel. This shows in a really nice way what happened during the race. The format is same as in the race reports at James Allen on F1 use.
    • Added 'Alternative Color' option to use black background on many panels.
    • Many small fixes and improvements.
    See the ReadMe.txt in the .zip for more details and for detailed installation instructions.

    In short, here is how you install this as a new installation:
    1. Have F1 2017 and update it to V1.3
    2. Install latest Java on you system
    3. Download the Telemetry Tool and extract the contacts of the .zip somewhere on your system
    4. Run F1 2017 and in the settings enable the UDP Telemetry Feed. Restart the game.
    5. Double-click on the Telemetry.jar file or run from command line 'java -jar Telemetry.jar'
    If you are updating from 5.3, or older, old lapdata files work. To update, just copy the Telemetry.jar and the Tracks directory to your installation directory.

    Here is a screenshot of the TelemetryPanel with the minimap showing other cars.


    I will post few more screen shots on the support thread.

    Cheers, Iko

Recent Reviews

  1. Ozzybmw1979
    Version: 6.2
    Chanel th
  2. clickamaki
    Version: 6.2
    Running F1 2017 on the PS4 and this is literally "plug and display data". Would be great to improve the overall look of the application as it looks a bit spartan — however, it totally serves its purpose and it is SUPER fast.
  3. Pedro Gomes
    Pedro Gomes
    Version: 6.2
    Thank you very much for making this Iko, fantastic tool.
  4. John_Senna
    Version: 6.2
    Fantastic tool!
    Brings up all of the in game data that You can analyze and find those tenth of a seconds which You probably loose.
    Technical assistance even better!
    Had some problem with text which was some random looking chars.
    Application developer Iko solved them in maybe 3 messages!
  5. kisuke
    Version: 6.2
  6. Vitor Nascimento
    Vitor Nascimento
    Version: 6.1
    Nice application, thank you so much
  7. Muhagglschorsch
    Version: 6.1
    Great software. Really works well and the author is super responsive to feature requests.

    Also, if you can't to get it to run under ubuntu, install the packages openjfx and libopenjfx-java.
  8. krisis32
    Version: 6.1
    Great application and well made! Recommend!! :)
  9. Max Verstappen
    Max Verstappen
    Version: 6.1
    Best regards
  10. Steve Hall
    Steve Hall
    Version: 6.1
    This just keeps getting better and better and helps me out a lot. Thank you for this.
  11. Mike Trenaman
    Mike Trenaman
    Version: 6.0
  12. laska2k4
    Version: 6.0
    very good app, could be useful a list for open laptime files and for reference file too.
    Also indicate the total time for the red and blue lap times.

    1. Iko Rein
      Author's Response
      On the Telemetry graph, press key i, it will open an infobox, which shows some stats, including the laptime
  13. kekke2000
    Version: 6.0
    I would love a tab for live timing with a list of all drivers and time differences. Very good otherwise.
  14. Spuddix
    Version: 6.0
    Is there a way that there could be a full grid listing tab? Showing how many seconds away/behind me a driver(s) is? That would be interesting! Great app though :)
  15. ossifel
    Version: 6.0