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SweetFX_settings.txt by Rasmus 2017-04-25

sweetFX_settings.txt modified by myself. Have fun!

  1. RasmusP
    So a user asked me to upload my sweetFX_settings.txt that I use for RaceRoom. Well here it is :)
    Link to the Tread: THREAD
    RaceRoom_SweetFX3.JPG RaceRoom_SweetFX_Cockpit1.JPG
    Update: I found the colours glared a little too much, so I added the "DPX" option with these settings: R3E_SweetFX_DPX_updateScreen.JPG
    Try it out! It gives a little more "realistic" blue tint in my opinion.

Recent Reviews

  1. silverbullet69
    Version: 2017-04-25
    very nice, i like to add this, but who you do this? i no any instruction who to do it?, will be nice for people like me
  2. Vitamia
    Version: 2017-04-25
    Thanks from User ;)