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Seamless AC Lighting and Effects Mod 1.0C

For hours of racing without getting your eyes tired.

  1. hazy

    Instructions and more Pictures \ ScreenShots on the Support Page.

Recent Reviews

  1. C.O.D.
    Version: 1.0C
    Nice set but: The spectators on the main stands at Barcelona 8:00 pm are enlightened like angels although they're sittin' in the shadow...
    1. hazy
      Author's Response
      Dang it - I've got no DLC. Does only Barcelona have this issue ?

      Thx for that.
  2. Revenhart
    Version: 1.0a
    Stunning work dude! Now i have to copy the whole game for use both mods ahah (wagnmum and your)
    1. hazy
      Author's Response
      Would you elaborate this comment on the Support page so I'll know what to do to make you use only one (my ;-)) mod ?

      And thx for the review.