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Misc Seamless AC Lighting and Effects Mod 1.0C

For hours of racing without getting your eyes tired.

  1. It's all about how stuff looks and how long you can look at it.

    Clear 16:30

    Improved Clear and Mid Clear - reduced horizon intensity.

    Clear 18:00


    GodRays example.

    Clear 18:00

    Night 18:00

    This mod is for those who like a long race, all the visuals are toned down so your eyes wont hurt when doing a 10 lap and above race.

    Instructions !

    1. Extract the zip to where you like.
    2. Copy and Paste the Content folder to your AssettoCorsa folder.
    3. Open the System folder, choose Single or Triple
    4. Choose High or Normal Quality Dof
    5. Copy and Paste the PP files to - system\ cfg\ ppfilters folder

    I recommend 85% saturation (set it in the Effects Tab) but you can adjust it to your liking.

    As you can tell from the last 3 shots - change to AC Night PP for Night weather.

    Mod is optimized for 100% Exposure so if you got your expo set to anything other then 100%
    because other mods required it then just remember to use Page Up or Down to set 100%.

    You can set whatever expo you like but start with 100% as an entry point.

    High Quality Screenshots - Know How...

    Always capture shots during a replay (it's easier and quicker).
    During replay, after finding the spot you want to capture press Pause do this -

    1. Press F6 - to enable Chromatic Aberration
    2. Press F5 - to enable High Quality car shadows
    3. Press F7 - to enable Free Cam
    4. Move your Mouse pointer to the right and open Photo Mode App
    5. Move your Mouse to the bottom of the screen - replay panel shows up
    6. Select the Replay Photo App
    7. Set DoF focus to 1
    8. Close Replay Photo App - by clicking it again
    9. On the regular Photo Mode App - click + for DoF Factor
    10. Move the Mouse Pointer to somewhere in the middle of the screen
    11. Click and hold MRB (Mouse right button) and scroll up using Mouse Scroll until the car is in focus
    12. Press F5 again - Use WSAD to move the camera - left, right, forward, backward and Up or Down arrows to move it up or down for fine positioning and F and G for camera roll.
    Use Num + and - to set your desired FOV
    13. Close the regular Photo Mode App
    14. Move the Replay Slider a bit to the left
    15. Press Play, wait for the car to get into position and capture your shot

    If you did everything right then you screenshot should look like this.

    Captured at Clear 8:00 with HQ DoF and 25 FOV.

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  2. Heavy Fog 8:00


    Heavy Fog 13:00


    Heavy Fog 18:00


    Light Fog 8:00


    Light Fog 13:00


    Light Fog 18:00


    Clear 8:00


    Clear 13:00


    Clear 18:00


    Mid Clear 8:00


    Mid Clear 13:00


    Mid Clear 18:00

  3. Light Clouds 8:00


    Light Clouds 13:00


    Light Clouds 18:00


    Mid Clouds 8:00


    Mid Clouds 13:00


    Mid Clouds 18:00


    Heavy Clouds 8:00


    Heavy Clouds 13:00


    Heavy Clouds 18:00


    Night 8:00


    Night 13:00


    Night 18:00

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  5. You do understand that people who are members of the official forum can download this lighting mod, right? I get that you don't want it posted on the official site. I'm assuming that you were kick/banned from the official forum, but that's not my business.
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  6. I do understand, there's more to it but nvm.
    I'm not kicked or banned there, no reason, never offended anyone or stuff like this.
    You can go and check my profile, I'm welcome there - when it comes to rules.
    It's my attitude - I may have been a bit narcissistic but in a funny way, it was all a joke.
    Some didn't get it and offended me so I said Good bay, that's all.
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  7. hazy updated Proper AC Lighting Mod with a new update entry:

    Triple and Godarys.

    Read the rest of this update entry...

    Little update. None suggestions given so -
    1. Updated to weathers just a bit - made the Heavy Clouds a bit heavier then Mid
    2. Added a second set of PP's for triple screen users
    3. Increased Godrays strength for day and night.

    Last edited: Feb 16, 2016
  8. Sorry, forgot this forum generates posts after updating a mod.
    If it's possible - please delete \ remove this post.
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  9. I get a ~5-10 fps drop in replays but other than that it looks good.
  10. Because the DoF is set to High Quality - I said it's not ready for replays.
    I'll add a standard Q DoF later today.
  11. burrito

    It's an opinion, nothing more, nothing less. Premium

    So how does this work?

    No one can take shots with your mod and upload them on the forum?

    Or where you just referring to the contents of the txt files?
  12. The second part would be nice but let's be honest - people can't be trusted :sneaky: so do what you want with it just add where you got it from.
  13. Nothing to see here.
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  14. Hi,

    Your screens look decent, however would you consider doing more of the comparison style shots as I currently use Wagums mod, but I would consider this mod if I could view a side by side comparison.

    I love the 8/1/6 TOD images for all weather, but would you ever consider doing a 8/1/6 for the other 3 mods used at the beginning of the post, so we can compare all 4 side by side under all conditions and allow for a more informed decision.

    I use the Wagnum mod because it's getter than default, it really smooths the image out and actually helps produce a better image as well as improving colour.

    I had to test this my self (and I suspect hundreds of others did too) but it's a real headache doing this time and time again) hundreds of users repeating the same thing over and over is a big reason why many stick with a mod even if better ones are available, we just get sick of trying all the time :(

    If you could do a time of day set of screens (side by side) for the other 3 mods you listed above, and yours looks better, count me in as a new member :)

    That would be very useful, informative and genuinely appreciated.

    Keep up the good work, hope we see even more comparisons soon .
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  15. Dude that would sum up to 84 screenshots + 3 Night ones (as celica's are stolen from me).
    It would take like 10 posts, I don't care about people using my mod that much.

    If you think it's worth trying then do, if you don't then don't.

    Besides, I took it down like I said I will.
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2016