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MP4 12C GT3 Racing Studio 2015 1.0

Mac Laren Mp4 12 C GT3

  1. RiCo13_

    2015-04-11_00001.jpg 2015-04-11_00003.jpg 2015-04-11_00004.jpg

    The Original car


    This is a new car of Thomas Biagi who Founded a new team in GT Italia Séries who call Racing Studio.

    Thanks to :
    Mr Thomas Biagi for the picture
    Gr3nox for his help

    Unzip in your A/C Folder(Steam\SteamApps\common\assettocorsa\content\cars\mclaren_mp412c_gt38\skins
    * With this car you have a spécial file "ac_crew.dds"

    Enjoy ;););)

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