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Porsche 997 RSR GT3 Imsa Performance Matmut ELMS 2013 2014-12-22

Porsche 997 RSR GT3 Imsa Performance Matmut ELMS

  1. RiCo13_
    2014-12-22_00001.jpg 2014-12-22_00002.jpg 2014-12-22_00003.jpg 2014-12-22_00004.jpg
    Porsche 997 (911) RSR GT3 IMSA Performance Matmut ELMS 2013
    Driver : C.Bourret / J.K Verney / R.NĂ©rac
    This is a personal adaptation of the Porsche Imsa Matmut ELMS 2013
    Instructions :
    Dezip a file in your A/C (Steam\SteamApps\common\assettocorsa\content\cars\porsche_997gt3rsr\skins)
    Enjoy ;)

Recent Reviews

  1. Tony Gentile
    Tony Gentile
    Version: 2014-12-22
  2. jerry090460
    Version: 2014-12-22
    Awesome skin , thanks mate!