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intelliboost 0.5

setup your own boost mapping for each car- track- combination

  1. Gallow24
    Hello Community,

    today i want to present my new app.

    What´s this app about?
    With intelliboost you can create your own ERS delivery mapping for each car- track- combination. Therefore the driver creates a file containing start- and endpoints of boost sectors. Accordingly to this file, the app will activate the ERS.

    So in the future it will be an additional step during setup development to create a track specific mapping.

    The aim of the app is to bring this aspect of the reality to the simulation.


    - activates the ERS due to the self made mapping file
    - activates the ERS with gas- pedal >= 95%
    - reload mapping- file during session. no reload of session needed when changes are made.

    I hope you´ll have fun with this app. Here´s a video showing the functionality.