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Gallardo GT3 - S-Berg Racing #13 1.0

Citation Cup '07

  1. Erg
    Screenshot_lamborghini_gallardo_gt3_mazdaraceway_11-9-115-2-30-39.jpg Screenshot_lamborghini_gallardo_gt3_mazdaraceway_11-9-115-2-32-37.jpg

    LAMBORGHINI GALLARDO LP520 GT3 #13 [Replica]
    S-Berg (AUT)
    Chistophe BOUCHUT (F) - Vadim KUZMINYKH (RUS) - Hans KANUSS (A) - Jaromír JIŘÍK (CZ)
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Recent Reviews

  1. ronniej
    Version: 1.0
    Very nice skin. Thanks for your work and your help.
    1. Erg
      Author's Response
      Your welcome.