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FZR750 RR WSB Edition 1

FZR750 RR Superbike

  1. KennyBarroz
    Made a WSBK edition of the FZR750 RR
    Hope you guys like it!

    Install Mixfile ReMixer by downlod link above, make backup of the original MIX files.
    Extract the HSBK.mix file located:

    "X:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\RIDE - Game\Bikes"

    Then extract the FZR750WSBK.rar files to the extracted HSBK.MIX content and replace whats in there.

    Then open MixFile Remixer and create a new MIX file from the extracted HSBK.MIX content.
    Always save in SBK-X/V8 file format otherwise game will crash.

    And just replace the new created HSBK.mix with the old HSBK.mix (not the backup one)

    Run the game


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