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Mods FZR750 RR WSB Edition 1

FZR750 RR Superbike

  1. Mr. Kenny Barroz

    Good morning, I run on time what you suggested but I can not see the two models made by you, on Ride.
  2. Good evening Paul.

    Iam sorry but iam not sure if i understand you correctly,
    You have tried to import the liverys accordingly from the guide?

    Could you please try to explain how you do the process.

  3. Good evening to you.
    Yes I did exactly as written on tutorial.
    I downloaded the program and create a folder where I place files .mix. Then I downloaded your model and I place the files in the folder i created on purpose. Then I again used the program to re-create the file .mix to put in Ride.
  4. Hi again Paul.
    If you could look at this guide, maybe it says something that i have missed in my description.

    When i extract the whole HSBK.MIX file (original one)
    I look for this folder "BIKES\HSBK\BIKE657"

    Then i just replace all the .DDS files from the FZR750WSBK rar to the "BIKE657" folder.

    After that, i simply re-pack all the files, select the first folder containing everything.
    Its called "BIKES"
    Root Source should look like this when doing the Re-Pack
    (Dont bother about the mixfile format, it should be SBK-X/V8)
  5. You was very nice but I do not get results. Thanks again.
  6. Mr. Kenny Barroz

    Nice to meet you. It the FZR is cool.
    MotoGP14 and it is GP13 for the successful but does not succeed in the ride.
    Error will come out if you specify the MOD SKIN bike.
    Will the file size comes out is different when an error in the Ride?
    Will it not be successful in the Steam version?Will it be successful in the PC package version?
    Solution Why not?
    p.s  I'm sorry to be difficult to read because I can not English