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Ford Focus BTCC'16 Skin Pack for Touring Cat C Class V 1.1

Alex Martin, Andrew Jordan, Stewart Lines and Mat Jackson BTCC 4K Livery Mod Pack

  1. SaschaD
    Attention! These skins are for Grid Autosport!!!

    This Mod replaces the Ford Focus Touring Cat C Class skins with actual BTCC 2016 Skins. Be sure to make a backup of your cars folder.

    There are 2 Versions, with and without windows numbers.

    For installation just copy one of the cars folder to your Grid Autosport directory.

    Attention: In 2016 there are 3 Ford Teams in the BTCC with 4 different cars! So i use the "standard" team skin for the Andrew Jordan/Motorbase Car. Be sure to make a backup!!!

    Yes, the actual Ford Focus touring car uses a little different bodykit as in Grid Autosport. Grid Autosport uses the 2013 Ford Focus. I cannot change that, but i hope you like the skins regardless.

    This Pack include the following skins:
    Alex Martin - Dextra Racing
    Matt Jackson - Motorbase
    Andrew Jordan - Motorbase
    Stewart Lines - Maximum Motorsport
    Hidden special Car - amd.tuning (Not playable, only as Teammate if you drive with the "standard" team skin ;) . Sorry for misunderstanding, this car is a hidden car and not playable. It only appear as teammate car when you chose a custom race and then select the standard team. This little trick with a different skin on the teammate car only work with the standard team, only Codemasters know about...)

    Skins in fully 4K resolution with overhauled details like window frames, the front grille, the carbon pieces and so on. Codemasters made the honda and the ford in Cat C a little...... hmmmm...... fast and cheap, so i remade some things. :)

    Most of the stickers are handmade because there aren't 4K versions in the web.

    Sorry if the colors don't match 100%, i'am color blind. Please have consideration.

    Feel free to leave a comment or/and a rating.

    Thank's to UD for the Dunlop Tires

    P.S. Sorry for the download size. But the skins are in full 4K resolition with full level of detail and full mipmap level to avoid compression artifacts or flickering in the distance.

    Vorschau1.jpg Vorschau2.jpg Vorschau1.jpg Vorschau2.jpg Vorschau1.jpg Vorschau2.jpg
    Vorschau1.jpg Vorschau2.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. BalazsB
    Version: V 1.1
    1. SaschaD
      Author's Response
      Thanks again and you are welcome!
  2. MrTheRacer
    Version: V 1.0
    Again great job love the green livery, btw i was thinking if you could make skin from TCR - series for GRID
    1. SaschaD
      Author's Response
      Thank's for your rating! Iam thinking about the TCR cars, but there are so many cars in this series, which are not in Grid Autosport Cat C Touring class. (SEAT, Audi, VW, Opel, Subaru) Next i will make the BMW BTCC skins, i hope that's ok for you.
  3. alexoyajide
    Version: V 1.0
    Pretty good :D
    1. SaschaD
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the rating and have fun!
  4. sKeno
    Version: V 1.0
    great work again, thanks for sharing.
    1. SaschaD
      Author's Response
      Hello sKeno! Thanks for your rating! Like the Shedden skin in the honda skin pack, there is a hidden car in this pack. The 2015 Mike Bushell skin. ;)
  5. Rudy Pessotto
    Rudy Pessotto
    Version: V 1.0
    Very good work.
    1. SaschaD
      Author's Response
      Thanks for you rating! Have fun!