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Fantasy Team Superdry Toyota. HD & DHD 2013-07-07

Toyota replacement for Marussia

  1. ML2166
    Fantasy replacement for Marussia. Team Superdry Toyota.

    Done in HD and DHD. ( Sizes clearly marked in download folder ).

    Will replace Marussia in game.

    Consists of

    Car skins, Helmet Skins, Racecrew Uniforms, Pitcrew Uniforms, Cutscene Driver Suit, Garages, Brakeboard, Driver Glove Logos ( Team Only ).

    I have not redone the in car driver suit, as I had to keep the file size done for upload.

    Please ensure you back up any files due to be changed first

    Most importantly of all.....enjoy.






Recent Reviews

  1. Kerkland Bond
    Kerkland Bond
    Version: 2013-07-07
    This thing is.... well.... "balla" as the cool kids would say.

    Excellent on the contrary! 5/5
  2. Jean-Marc Dallaire
    Jean-Marc Dallaire
    Version: 2013-07-07
    Simply amazing! This is worth 5 stars!