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evoHUD 1.1.0

fully customizable HUD powered by squirrel

  1. kenken
    evoHUD is a fully customizable HUD powered by squirrel script language.

    1. copy d3d9.dll and evoHUD.nut to game root folder.
    2. copy evoHUD.dll and evoHUD folder to plugins folder.
    Work with other graphical plugin
    1. rename d3d9.dll to something like d3d9_orig.dll.
    2. copy evoHUD.ini to game root folder and edit it.
    OriginalD3D9DLL = d3d9.dll​
    OriginalD3D9DLL = d3d9_orig.dll​

    Customize HUD
    evoHUD can be customized by squirrel script. You can access all internal plugin telemetry data through evoHUD API. evoHUD has higher level API for layout such as window, column, group. You can also draw graphical primitive, texture and text anywhere you want.

    Portions of this software are copyright (c) 2017 The FreeType Project (www.freetype.org). All rights reserved.
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Recent Reviews

  1. hagapito40
    Version: 1.0.2
    This tool is super powerfull the only problem is: i have to learn how to program other functions!!! However, I have managed to add a key to make invisible the brakes and tires info :). ThankS!!!
  2. Keith Windsor
    Keith Windsor
    Version: 1.0.1
    Great little utility