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evoHUD+ Nobkins mod of evoHUD 0.1.2 Alpha

An Alpha release of my improved evoHUD

  1. Nobkins
    This version is a direct replacement of kenken's evoHUD. It comes with 1.5 release of evoHUD dll's.

    You should consider this download an Alpha build. It may work. It may not.

    The final "product" hopes to include an in-game GUI for adjusting the position and configuration options of each widget. We thank KenKen for his help in getting this far.

    Configuration option file is located here:
    (file appears once you go on track for the first time after installing evoHUD+)

    Widget files which contain some information on what the options do are located here:

    Known Issues
    Some people experience the whole game crashing after track loads or when you go out on track. This is a bug that exists in both evoHUD and evoHUD+. Despite lots of effort we can not find the cause. Things that have worked for others are:
    • Rename Automobilista folder to something else
    • Move Automobilista to a different hard drive
    This version of evoHUD has the following improvements:
    • widgets split into separate files allowing easy customisation
    • configuration options split into separate file so that they are not lost every time you update evoHUD+
    • Optimal tire pressure and temperatures can be collated and used to give better feedback to the player. A selection of cars have already had their "optimals" gathered and they are saved in "Automobilista\Plugins\evoHUD\configs\carOptimals.nut"
    • Session Information widget (thanks to @Martin Fiala )
    • Average fuel usage per lap
    • Improved track map
    • Improved leader board
    • many many other changes I can't remember
    Many of the ideas were cloned from gidHUD. An excellent hud in it's own right.


Recent Reviews

  1. Andrew Harper
    Andrew Harper
    Version: 0.1.2 Alpha
    Great plugin! Many thanks. Can you tell me how I change screen resolution in the setup file? I play in 4k on AMS and at the moment some of the widgets are not where I want them to be compared to 1920x1080. Thanks :)
    1. Nobkins
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your comments Andrew. It is possible to edit the location of each widget. Take a look at the video in the download information. It explains where the config files are. Each widget has an X and Y value which is the position of the top left corner of the widget.

      I have (literally) just mangaed to get basic positioning of widgets working using the mouse in-game. Very basic but hopefully will be released soon.
  2. DaVeX↯
    Version: 0.1.2 Alpha
    Great work so far!
    Keep pushing!
  3. Sam Smith
    Sam Smith
    Version: 0.1.2 Alpha
    Not sure if its a feature but I've got triple monitors and its arranged correctly out of the box, widgets are on my left and right monitors as I would like.
    If so thats an awesome feature!
    Thanks for your great work!
  4. taylajee
    Version: 0.1.2 Alpha
    Good job! I wish you will be able to deliver most of the features that you envisioned for the MOD.