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Esotic's Just for Chat V1.5

The JfC chat app filters out Pit Lane Penalty and other automated messages from the chat stream

  1. Esotic
    V1.5 Demo Video is here:

    This is based on the Chat app provided by Kunos. It's mainly meant to filter out Pit Lane Penalty message from the chat stream being sent out by the server. It should also filter out anything with a pipe | in it, which includes many of the OSRW Race Admin data messages. I'm pretty sure that other apps will start to use chat messaging for sending data to and receiving data from the server, and this is an attempt to help those of us talking with each other a way to filter out those automated messages.

    V1.1: This version now has an INI file that supports various adjustments to the app.

    V1.2: Fixed bug with backgroundOpacity

    V1.3: JfC Bang! QuickMessage Helper App
    Admin Features in JfC Bang!
    MiniChat style emulation

    V1.4: admin functions fix

    V1.5: messages now load from the INI

    INI Shown below (which you can adjust):
    ;Default AppWidth is 700. Change this value to make width larger/smaller.
    ;Default AppHeight is 400. Change this value to make height larger/smaller.
    ;HideIcon = 1 hides AC icon, 0 shows it.
    ;Default RowCount = 0, and app will autocalculate rows. You can force the RowCount setting this to any value greater than 0.
    ;Default backgroundOpacity is 0.6, but you can set it anywhere from 0.0 (transparent) to 1.0 (fully opaque).
    ;Default AppScaling is 1.0, but you can set it larger or smaller to better fit your screen size and resolution.
    ;Default fontSize is 15.5, but you can set it larger or smaller to better fit your screen size and resolution. Changing FontSize may require you to manually change RowCount.
    ;adminPassword is the password you use to control admin function on your AC online server.
    ;justAdmin default is 0. Set to 1 to only show admin buttons in JfCBang!
    appwidth = 400
    appheight = 180
    hideicon = 1
    rowcount = 0
    backgroundopacity = 0.1
    appscaling = 1.0
    fontsize = 15.5
    adminpassword =
    justadmin = 0

    ;message format is width|label text|message
    ;max number of messages is 20, you can comment out whatever you like.
    message2=90|Good Luck!|Good Luck!
    message3=90|Good Race!|Good Race!
    message4=50|Sorry|Sorry :(
    message6=85|No Worries|No Worries
    message11=60|Car Off|Car Off

    If there are features you'd like added please let me know.


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Recent Reviews

  1. Green-Promise
    Version: V1.5
    This app is so fantastic! I see more and more people online using the exact same messages that are built in in the app so it seems to be getting quite a bit of use. Thanks again!
  2. Scarystuff
    Version: V1.5
    I finally got around to trying out your app. Works nicely, but can you add an option to make the text fade away after x seconds like the original chat app? Also really like the Bang, very useful for VR!
    1. Esotic
      Author's Response
      Adding a "text fade out" transparency feature for JfC is on my ToDo list, but there's no guarantees about when I'll get a chance to put some time to that. Thanks!
  3. Bruno32600
    Version: V1.5
    Quand on clic sur un bouton la commande reste affiché dans le tchat, y a t'il moyen de corrigé ça ? sinon super application
    1. Esotic
      Author's Response
      The text should only remain in the entry field if the app detects that the server did not accept it. I'll test to make sure that's working properly.
  4. TheSosunser
    Version: V1.5
    Nice work! Is there any way to configurate it to send the messages using keys (like for example the numpad) instead of using the mouse?
  5. schnipp
    Version: V1.4
    Works very well. Nice to have the PLP spam filtered on pub servers and the messages are great while driving.
  6. Papifix
    Version: V1.1
  7. Green-Promise
    Version: V1.0
    Thanks for this! Is it possible for you to add a couple of words that we can press with our mouse ingame, like a box with "Thank you!" and maybe "Sorry!"? It would be really helpful in VR and also for people that cant both write and drive at the same time.