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DLC Champions - Custom Riding Style 1.0

Riding style more close to original pilots !!!

  1. BikeGamer
    Hi guys,

    I changed Riding style of DLC Champions (DLC4).
    All pilots have the same style (Balanced), so I changed that. [​IMG]

    Riding Style

    My pack :

    #0 Balanced
    Alex Criville - Valentino Rossi - Wayne Gardner - Eddy Lawson - Alex Barros - Wayne Rainey - Luca Cadalora - Freddie Spencer

    #2 Shoulders Out
    Tohru Ukawa - Loris Capirossi

    #4 Old School
    Michael Doohan - Kevin Schwantz - Darryl Beattie - Peter Goddard





    You will have a crash message with Mixfile ReMixer in export (CONTENT.MIX of DLC4)


    You need to choose "Extract selected files only" and select all files without this 2 files :



    Don't worry, no crash, no bug without them.
    Repack with my file.