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DLC Champions - Custom Riding Style 1.0

Riding style more close to original pilots !!!

  1. BikeGamer submitted a new resource:

    DLC Champions - Custom Riding Style - Riding style more close to original pilots !!!

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  2. can you post the original file of the dlc please!
  3. If you have DLC4, you have it !
    You lost your backup ?
  4. realitychecked


    He wants a free download of the DLC. What a joke. :laugh:
  5. :O_o: too bad.
  6. I didn't want the free download because,I think that without the installer of dlc i can add the dlc to the game,or I am wrong? I lost my backup because i have done a clean of my pc but i forgot the folder with the backup
    sorry for my english..
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  7. thanks a lot!
  8. It's strange. I follow tutorial and the Mixfile_ReMixer_v0_1_6 get stucked. which version should I use?
  9. Thanks for the Post. Are the numbers for the riding stiles in the BML file the same? ie 0-4
    BML file says 004 down to 000 and Rossi's is '0' ... strange .
    If I edit these and save the BML File goes into symbols ?? And if I remix the Game will crash , when I replace with back up game goes fine . I used notepad to open and edit the BML file ( I assume I will need a special program?) I am going to hunt and research and any help would be appreciated.
    How is the way to edit these riding positions ? am I on the right track ?
    Great work by the way. I'm a bike nut , have my own super bike and this game is the best Bike sim yet.:cool:
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  10. Notepad++ or another program that leaves the hexadecimal intact such as HxD, HexEdit, XVI32 or emacs if you also run linux/mac.
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  11. Thanks Mighty, found and downloaded Hex edit , here is the link if people want it - http://www.physics.ohio-state.edu/~prewett/hexedit/
    is free.
    Seems pretty easy from there Mighty. Just tested it and it seems we can just replace the numbers 0-4 in the right hand side window of Hex edit , save as and over wright the file and it keeps the changes without the corruption. Very handy.