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AC Cars+Tracks TecSpecs ExcelScanner 2.0

"Assetto Corsa" Cars+Tracks Technical Data Scanner (Excel 2010 w/macros for any dir)

  1. Please Stop This
    Based on the awesome "AC Cars and Tracks Technical Data (Excel 2013) 1.11", I made my own Excel-Sheet with some vba stuff. Have fun.

    This Excel 2010 file DOES NOT contain ANY data at first. You have to feed it a "\cars" directory. It works on click of a button, is reasonably fast and contains some macros. For inspection, the macros are included as textfiles too.

    Paste cars/tracks dir or browse for it into cell "Y2/4" and click on "scan". Anyway if the directory is not valid, you will be asked to browse for it. By providing any cars/tracks directory with valid AC json files in it you can also scan directories with turned-off- OR backup-cars.

    -lists data from all found "ui_car.json" and "ui_track.json" files
    -Simple "mp/h" and "mph" -> "km/h" conversion for topspeed
    -wpratio is calculated, old value as cell-comment
    -preview: none or small/medium/big/huge
    -large preview on mouse over small one
    -lists data from files out of cars "data"-dir if available
    --a hardcoded temp-dir one can use is "datadir" (where I extract my .acd files)
    -info about gear ratios as comment on column "drive" or "E"
    - .(dot) is decimal-separator
    -Made in 1080 res
    -Dark+Light design available
    -almost printready.
    -readonly: it doesnt change anything on your system

    following files will be read:
    skins\*\preview.jpg ' only the first one
    *\map.png ' for tracks

    -you have to ALLOW macros in the security options of Excel, to let it do its work
    -can be painly slow, if you have a lot of cars
    -saved excel file can be painly big (>50MB), if you have a lot of cars
    -with large preview-sizes, the control-buttons get somewhat lost...
    -its not aware of unicode, so funny names are normal

    -autoget ac-install-dir at first

    .rar file contains:

    ps: Got a bad Trackmap? Delete
    \trackX\map.png or
    \trackX\layout2\map.png (if there are more layouts)
    AC recreates them on first start, but crashes. Next start will work!


    1. ACTecGearRatios.jpg
    2. ACTecSpecsEmpty.jpg
    3. ACTecSpecsDark.jpg
    4. ACTecSpecsLight.jpg
    5. ACTecSpecs10.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. 1302shaun
    Version: 0.3
    Been using this already very good indeed.
    I understand there's works till to do still .
    Would like a Column added for the cars version and a column to filter assetto with mod cars.

    Very good work.