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AC Cars+Tracks TecSpecs ExcelScanner 0.3

"Assetto Corsa" Cars+Tracks Technical Data Scanner (Excel 2010 w/macros for any dir)

  1. AC Cars+Tracks TecSpecs ExcelScanner 0.3

    Please Stop This
    v0.3 - 2018-02-13
    -finished "Tracks"-sheet
    -fixed some other errors
    -added car wpratio calculation
    -added clear table button

    ps: Got a bad Trackmap? Delete
    \yourtrack\map.png or
    \yourtrack\layout2\map.png (if there are more layouts)

    AC recreates them on first start, but crashes.
    Next start will work!


    1. ACTecSpecsTracks.jpg
  2. AC Cars+Tracks TecSpecs ExcelScanner 0.2

    Please Stop This
    v0.2 - 2018-02-12
    -fixed 64bit compatibility for dll imports
    -fixed a preview-size issue
    -added gear-info (for cars with unpacked data-dir) as hover-comment for "drive" column (E)
    -added Assetto Corsa Tracks


    1. ACTecSpecsEmpty.jpg
    2. ACTecSpecsDark.jpg
    3. ACTecGearRatios.jpg