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Apr 26, 2014
OptimusRacing submitted a new resource:

Simhub Audi Ur-Quattro Dashboard - An accurate Audi B2 dashboard for Wotever's SimHub

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ThePanzafahra's Audi Quattro Dashboard for Simhub

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4 - Updating

1 - What is this?

This is an accurate version of a normal dasboard of a road-spec Audi Ur-Quattro.
Currently there's only the analog version available, but I'm working on a digital one.
It's only adjusted for a road-spec Audi Quattro,...
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Apr 26, 2014
OptimusRacing updated Simhub Audi Ur-Quattro Dashboard with a new update entry:

Wanna know how far you've travelled? Now you can!


1.2 --> 1.3

Analog Dash:
- Added Analog Odometer! It actually also works! With big thanks to Romainrob and Wotever the man himself, the odometer now works properly too! (Using SessionOdoLocalUnit property)

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Digital Dash:
- Reworked odometer to use SessionOdoLocalUnit in order to display correctly outside Assetto Corsa, too.
- Added live MPG and L/100KM display to the left-side display
- Edited last-lap-consumption screens to include...
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