Hotshot Racing | Steam Key Giveaway & Game Launch

90's inspired racing fun I hear you say? Step forward Curve Digital and the brand new arcade racer, Hotshot Racing.
  • 500 Steam keys to give away!
  • 90's inspired arcade racing game.

This one will likely appeal to those of us who were brought up (not literally) in the arcades of the early 1990's - a simpler time, when graphics were deemed to be high tech if they came in colour, force feedback wheels consisted of a tough spring, and anything that flashed and made noise was likely to encourage you to part with another one of those precious 50p coins you managed to save during the week for another tilt at the SEGA Rally world record time.

If this is you, or even if you just enjoy a nice nostalgic trip down memory lane, then check this out:

Want to win a Steam copy? Ok.. here's how...

We promised you free game codes, and thanks to the generosity of Curve Digital we have free game codes! 500 of them to be precise...

In order to redeem your copy follow the instructions below:

Hotshot Racing Giveaway

The only thing Curve Digital ask in return, aside from making sure you get in early enough to snag a code, is please play the new game on the day of launch - it's that simple!

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So, what actually is Hotshot Racing? Well, according to the developers the new game has been designed to offer up a "blisteringly fast arcade-style racing game that fuses a colourful polygon-inspired aesthetic with smooth drift gameplay akin to Ridge Racer, Daytona USA, Virtua Racer, and more" which sounds pretty fun - especially when considering the artistic direction the new game has taken.

Hotshot Racing has set out their stall to dive back into the rich and often fond memories of 90's style arcade racers, bringing about a title that is both visually striking, and also reasonably rich in content (with more to follow post release).

At launch, the new game will feature eight different hotshot drivers to choose from (each with their own personality and multiple varied four-wheeled rides), raceable on 16 unique and varied worldwide race tracks, with multiple game modes in which to try out within the title.

Hotshot Racing 1.jpg

Hotshot Racing 2.jpg

Ahead of release day, Curve Digital's Publishing Director Simon Byron had the following to say about the new game:

When we first played Hotshot Racing we were immediately transported to the halcyon days of
our youth when we used to pop 50p coins into classic arcade racers like Virtua Racing, Crusin’
USA, SEGA Rally and others that used to punctuate seafronts across the UK”
Certainly a brave move, transitioning away from the traditional approach of high end graphics and audio, the new title is something a little bit different, and could well be a nice distraction from the more serious sim racing activities the majority of our RaceDepartment readers enjoy on a regular basis.

Hotshot Racing will also feature multiple single-player and multiplayer game modes - both
online and offline compatible. Of the new modes, the highlights include:
  • Multiplayer: 4-player local split-screen co-op.
  • Grand Prix: Challengers race on multiple tracks in multi-round championship
  • Time Trial: Complete laps as they wish to seek out the fastest lap time for the online leaderboards
  • Cops and Robbers: Criminals need to evade capture to secure a big cash bonus whereas the police need to take them down.
  • Drive or Explode: Players need to race to checkpoints to avoid exploding.

Hotshot Racing is available now on PC and console.

Got something to say about this cool new racer? Want to engage with your fellow fans of the genre? No worries, head over to the 'Other Racing Games' sub forum here at RaceDepartment, start up a thread and get chatting today!

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Mar 2, 2016
Neat. Had this on my wishlist and just got the email it was released. Thanks for doing this giveaway. Very cool.


Feb 11, 2014
I recommend you change the link to https otherwise you're sending your email unencrypted.


Jun 18, 2017
That will be a nice change of pace, a rly cool acarde racing game. Hope i get a key too.
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