wtcr 2018

  1. shadow118

    Audi RS3 LMS LV Racing 1.0

    Audi RS3 LMS LV Racing livery. This is the first Latvian owned car in the TCR class which will participate in the BEC6H endurance races. I know that someone else already made this livery, but I wanted to do my take on it. Livery is for the WTCR Audi RS3 LMS 2018 mod
  2. RF2 | MOD WTCR 2018 | Audi RS3 LMS TCR | MACAU

    RF2 | MOD WTCR 2018 | Audi RS3 LMS TCR | MACAU

    Mod WTCR 2018 V1.3 : Infos : Prix : 14€
  3. shadow118

    WTCR Golf Black Rose Racing 1.0

    Black Rose Racing livery for the WTCR Golf GTI. Driven by Tuomas Halonen in the BaTCC and BEC6H
  4. T0T057640

    WTCR 2018_Skin pack (28 skin) 2019-04-13

    Hello everyone. Here is a skin pack of the championship WTCR 2018. This pack contains 28 skin. Some skin was already present with the cars, I modify them to conform to the championship. Another half of the skin was made by me. I hope that you will like this pack. For the cars...
  5. T0T057640

    WTCR__Hyundai I30 N__Team BRC Racing and MRacing-YMR 1.0

    Bonjour, Voici les skins des équipes BRC Racing et MRacing-YMR de 2018 pour la Hyundai I30 N. Il s'agit de mes premiers skins donc n'hésités pas à me donner vos retour et problème pour que je m'améliore. Hello, First of all sorry for my bad english (thank you google translation) ;) This is the...