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  1. Z

    2021 Helmet Visor Stickers for All Teams v1.0

    Here is a collection of visor stickers for the 10 teams that can be used with your custom helmets for Career mode/MyTeam. Stickers are made by me (Alpha Tauri Red Honda sticker made by @lukamesecfanboy), using inspiration from the versions in the game and various versions seen being used in...
  2. Drivers Eye! | What a kart driver see's through their visor!!

    Drivers Eye! | What a kart driver see's through their visor!!

    Hi guys, today I am going to show you what it looks like for the drivers to pilot their karts around the track.
  3. F

    F1 2020 Visor on helmet

    Hey everyone, does anyone know if it’s possible to change the color of the visor? In my opinion the standard black visor on the helmets kill the helmet. There are almost no drivers in real life who use the black visor. I would love a colored visor as it also makes the helmet more realistic. Can...
  4. guina60

    Visor View 2020 2.0

    Visor View 2020 Choose your visor: The package contains more than 300 variations of visors. DX12 mode: I recommend installing on DX12. Download latest reshade here: https://reshade.me/ Installation Method 1: 1. Install the full reshade in F1 2020 and install all packages. (Actually, only the...
  5. guina60

    Visor View 2.1

    English: Installation Copy and paste the files from the "View View" folder into the default folder of f1 2017. WARNING: It is configured for the path C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ F1 2017 If you want to change the path, edit the file "dxgi.ini" The key to turn the...