ucm formula student

  1. Jayan

    Formula Student UK - Sprint & Endurance 1.1.2

    The official IMechE Formula Student UK Sprint and Endurance courses Thank you for downloading The track mod replicates the Formula Student UK course located at the Silverstone circuit. The cones are laid out along Copse corner and part of the national straight. The timing gates have been set...
  2. davewilliams000

    UCM Formula Student F1 liveries pack 1.0

    Presenting my F1 livery skin pack for the UCM Formula Student car by @garyjpaterson Ferrari skin is by @chargingcar (with permission) and is unchanged from that version, except I cloned it and made a no 7 version for Kimi. So far we have 5 teams, but 11 cars as I made a Kubica skin for...
  3. C

    UCM 2016 Formula Student / Ferrari Livery 1.0

    UCM 2016 Formula Student Ferrari Livery 4k Includes 4k EXT livery + PSD Templates Pirelli tire mod + PSD Templates New Grip Textures Installation Path \Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\cars\ucm_2016\skins Please feel free to modify and edit the content and distribute it as you see...