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team quadrant

  1. tarex336

    RSS Formula Hybrid 2021 - Team Quadrant 1.0

    My first ever livery for Assetto Corsa, includes only car skin. To install, just drag and drop folder from zip to steamapps/common/assettocorsa/content/cars/rss_formula_hybrid_2021/skins
  2. johny5757

    Team Quadrant inspired skin (Mercedes engine) // RSS Formula Hybrid 2019 v.1

    Being a Quadrant Team ( Lando Norris, NFG, aarava, Steve Super GT, Maria Bish) fan, I had to make this one. So, inspired by the teams colours, I made a skin based on their colours (with Mercedes engine branding, as it is the best engine on the grid). Sorry for the pit crew, I could not do it , I...
  3. Aarav Amin

    Team Quadrant MyTeam Livery 1

    Team Quadrant livery for F1 2020 MyTeam made by myself with Official team brand guidelines from Quadrant. To install manually, use the ERP Archiver and replace d and s files from the Racenet livery with the ones in the folder. Custom numbers NOT included.
  4. Akibek_

    Team Quadrant F1 2022 livery 1

    Team Quadrant skin for forula hybrid x 2022 by RSS