team akka asp

  1. itsDraik

    AKKA ASP Team 2020 Paul Ricard Test Livery 1.0

    Hello drivers! Im back with a new livery for you all. For the new 2020 AMG GT3 EVO, I made the 2020 AKKA ASP Team Test livery that they used on the Paul Ricard tests. It comes with custom gloves, suit and helmet thanks to @DannyDotCom, also with his custom Pit Crew. Also, don't take too much...
  2. MajkiMajk

    AMG GT3 Team AKKA ASP #90 BlancpainGT Zolder 2018 [Livery request] 1.1

    Hi, livery request for Sonoafafayon.
  3. MajkiMajk

    AMG GT3 Team AKKA ASP #88 Hungaroring 2018 [Livery request] 1.0

    Hi, livery request for Ronnie008.