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Would you be interested in playing a demo version of racing titles?

  • Yes, I already play game demos

    Votes: 84 38.9%
  • I don’t play demos, but I’d be interested

    Votes: 74 34.3%
  • I might play a demo

    Votes: 40 18.5%
  • I’m not interested in playing demo games

    Votes: 18 8.3%

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stock save


    Stock Satsuma Save 28-1-2019

    Just a stock built car its ready for the inspection you only need to put on the warning triangle. there is 2 motor oil, 2 coolant and 3 brake fluid in the garage you have 3000 mk and there are 4 sausages on the table in the house
  2. NeX_25

    My Summer Car Save Game (After v24.05.2019)*UPDATED* 3.0

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Near Stock Satsuma Savegame for My Summer Car. - Satsuma assembled - Inspection passed - Permanent death off - No game progress (Pub guy/Gambling/Fleetari etc) - Ratchet set in garage - Satsuma tuned...