spec racer ford

  1. rmi_wood

    Spec Racer Ford 1.0

    Spec Racer Ford "The SRF is an enclosed wheel, open cockpit, purpose built race car. Power is by a Ford 1.9 liter, hemispherical head, 4 cylinder engine. With over 800 cars delivered, the SRF enjoys being the largest class of road racing cars within the SCCA and the country. The car is...
  2. arixant

    Spec Racer Ford Cockpit Texture Pack 1.1

    I wasnt too keen on the "Dirty Texture" look, this fixes that. Currently packed in are two different gauge sets if in case you prefer white gauges. AutoMeter Ultra-Lite II AutoMeter Pro-Comp Drag and drop it into any skin you'd like. Comparisons with the default textures...
  3. arixant

    Spec Racer Ford SCCA Template 1.0

    Included is a 3D template containing proper contingency decals (all in vector format) to make realistic SRF skins, I originally wanted this to be released with the mod but daniel didnt really budge on my offer. US Majors Tour Ver. iRacing Ver.