sophia florsch

  1. thomasjohansen

    S397 Oreca 07 ELMS 2022 #19 & #47 Algarve Pro Racing 1.4

    Note: I'm not 100% satisfied with the painted hedlights, color mismatch. If I find a better setting, I will update it here. Install The zip file contains a MAS file and a USERDATA folder. Unzip to a temporary folder. 2 ways to install: First way - which gives you New UI icons - but you...
  2. Timonike44

    #19 Algarve Pro Racing 2022 | Oreca 07 0.3

    Hello everyone! Decided to try my hand at making a livery for something other than an F1 car for a change! Here we have the #19 Algarve Pro Racing Team car that is competing in the European Le Mans Series this year. Driven by Sophia Flörsch and Bent Viscaal, this new-look APR car has a rather...
  3. GuiihRamos

    Richard Mille Racing Team #1 | VRC Revenga R13 1.1

    Hello, hope you like it! Support my work: Donate Hope you enjoy this mod! Consider rating if you liked it! Feel free to report any errors! If you like my work, consider donating, any amount is accepted and very grateful: Donate
  4. Rikkies

    Sophia Flörsch ACSPRH v1.0

    The Helmet uses a transparent wing.
  5. J

    RSS F3 2019 - Sophia Floersch #31 Campos Racing 2020 1.0

    Sophia Floersch's skin for Campos Racing - RSS F3 2019 *one or two place-holders sponsors cause I couldn't find the right ones, If anyone knows them pm me.
  6. Paul Jeffrey

    Sophia Floersch Survives Horror Macau Accident

    German Formula Three driver Sophia Floersch has reported via Twitter that she is doing well following her horrific accident at the FIA F3 World Cup earlier today. Floersch, 17, suffered a terrifying accident at the high speed Lisboa section of the Macau Guia Grand Prix circuit earlier this...