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  1. Paul Jeffrey

    GT Sport | Lewis Hamilton, RUF and New Cars - It's Update Time

    Polyphony Digital recently pushed live a new update for GT Sport - adding plenty of new content and a Lewis Hamilton branded new time attack challenge. That's right, Lewis Hamilton has further cemented his relationship with the PS4 exclusive racing game as part of this new V1.50 update to GT...
  2. Paul Jeffrey

    GT Sport Hotfix 1.16 Released

    Polyphony Digital have released hotfix 1.16 for Gran Turismo Sport, fixing a variety of issues that have arisen since the recent big 1.15 release. Following a bit of a minor mishap where PlayStation 4 gamers were forced to download a mammoth 24gb patch archive just to access the new GT Sport...
  3. Paul Jeffrey

    GT Sport Updated to Build 1.08 on PS4

    Gran Turismo Sport has received the update treatment, however before getting excited it's not the big offline career one we've all been waiting for... Despite fans eagerly awaiting a promised new build of GT Sport that will look to add some substantial feature inclusions such as offline career...
  4. Paul Jeffrey

    GT Sport Update Preview, New Cars and Offline Mode Upcoming!

    Polyphony Digital have revealed details of the next major updates and content releases for GT Sport.. set to include offline career features! Build 1.06 looks set to be scheduled for a November 27th release and with it adds a couple of new pieces of content and some features previously...
  5. Paul Jeffrey

    Gran Turismo Sport EU Beta Testing Sign Ups Open

    Polyphony Digital have opened up places for the upcoming GT Sport beta, with EU applicants now eligible to apply for a spot. Players interested in signing up for a place should visit the link HERE and submit your details and Sony Entertainment Network Online ID. As is the case with the recent...
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