1. Ty_playz

    SF71H Sound Mod 1.0

    EHEHEY I DID IT! I DID THE WASTEGATE SOUND LETS GO!! Sound mod for the acr sf71h and the rss 2018 car! PV:
  2. nicksawyl

    Ferrari SF71-H Recoloring v.1.1

    Installation copy & paste - Change the color of the writing on the suspension from White to Red. - Color change of sponsors under the white to red bellies. - Coloration of the lower part of the halo white. - Application of the Mission Win Now sponsor in the bonnet. - Application of the Mission...
  3. Kris

    Scuderia Ferrari SF71H Livery 1.0

    Hey guys, So this is my rendition of the 2018 Prancing horse So Kine had made one already when it launched but it is near impossible to tell that the 2018 livery is being used when on board and then I found a picture of Seb from a birds eye view and it was clear to me I needed to make this...
  4. mango96


    HEY GUYS! Here is my skin mod for ACFL BETA 2018, of the new FERRARI SF71-H! hope you enjoy my work, and please subscribe into my youtube channel ;) here is my video of it!