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sebring rtb

  1. DannyDotCom

    DRS Zones for Sebring RTB 1.0

    Getting bored with the samey F1 tracks that you raced with your RSS Formula Hybrid cars? Here is a drs_zones.ini file for the Sebring RTB track made by @MadBrain that adds 3 DRS zones on the track : 1) Start/Finish straight, starts at the first Michelin bridge 2) Gurney Bend to Hairpin Turn...
  2. FFF789

    Sebring 0.8 RTB cameras 1.0

    The track has a basic TV camera set, so I decided to update that and bring an additional set of cameras to this iconic tracks for our replays :) Your original cameras set will remain intact. I tried to cover cameras that were used for IMSA Sebring 12 hrs race in 2019. So there's three sets...