save game 2019

  1. R

    MSC Save Full Package Save 0.1

    Disclaimer: This is my first post ever so if i'm doing something wrong then sorry This save has pretty much everything. The Satsuma is fully tuned all the cars are in the driveway and are fueled. Items are in the garage and fluid are on the shelf, along with some spares. WARING: This save...
  2. D


    With this save game i have satsuma gt with the blue van at uncle's house
  3. E

    Msc good save 2019-07-18

    this is my first upload so please do not hate Features: -50,000 Marks -Registered Satsuma -Van and Rusko Unlocked -Computer and Diskette Ready to play -Cabin Unlocked -Satsuma Maxed
  4. Lazouk

    My Summer Car Save [SATSUMA GT+VAN&TRUCK KEY] 6.0.1

    Hello everyone, ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- > It's a save game of My Summer Car. Original satsuma GT version and tuning engine. -truck and van at home. -Jerrycan full (Diesel and Gasoline) -Stock GT car -Some mechanical parts are...
  5. pimpom13

    Probably The Best MSC Save! (20.08.2019) 2.8

    This save is made by Pedro Daquota#4067 Please DO NOT Reupload this without my permission. You are gonna have to change car settings as they are not default. (Forgot to reset them) You will need WinRAR to install this If there's anything that's broken, missing or you want to add please...