rig for sale

  1. Fastard

    Sell Complete Sim racing rig

    SOLD!! Fanatec Podium DD1 wheelbase purchase date: 07/07/2020--price new: 1195euros Fanatec Clubsport Porsche 918 RSR steering wheel purchase date: 07/07/2020--price new: 400euros Heusinkveld Sprint pedals purchase date: 16/10/2020--price new: 579euros GT Omega RS6 simulator seat price new...
  2. M

    Sell Fanatec DD2 + CSL Elite Pedals LC + 2 Wheels + Peripherals for sale

    Offering the following items for sale, I am US Based (New York). Buyer will pay for shipping. All items are like new and have very minimal if any wear at all. All necessary PC wiring/usb cables/rj12 connector cables are included. Lightly used. - Fanatec Podium DD2 Wheelbase in Like New...
  3. A

    Sell (USA) GT Omega ART w/ Monitor Mount - $120

    Selling a GT Omega ART rig with single monitor mount for $120. Originally purchased in July 2018 Very good condition. Pedal plate has 2 additional holes drilled and some cosmetic scratches. No seat included. Photos available upon request. Located in Southern California, USA.
  4. Paul Jeffrey

    Sell GT Omega Cockpit Supreme (UK)

    GT Omega Cockpit Supreme including triple monitor mount for sale. SOLD - 02/12/2018 Hey guys, I'm selling my trusty sim racing cockpit and monitor stand for a bargain price! :) I've got the GT Omega Cockpit Supreme and the triple monitor stand, plus a box of spare parts, speaker mounts and...