1. NachoRayen

    Aacho Racing Team 1.1

    Fictional skin of a fictional Assetto Corsa team Torrente: Samuel: Maite: Alexis: Legna: Nacho: I'm Nacho Rayen! A new vinyl designer for Assetto Corsa. I am willing to do any job you want to do. You can contact me through my Twitter https://twitter.com/NachoPare Join in my discord...
  2. monkeyfan250

    Kamata Angelus [RIDGE RACER 7 and 3D][Updated] Praga R1 2.0

    mistakes are found in this UPDATE 10/2/19 this is an update of the ridge racer skin for this car that includes -fixed skin -updated preview and livery logo -car will now show on the track (if skin isn't selected) -details redone title corrected, this is based on the one only seen in ridge...