ridge racer

  1. C

    Seaside Route 765 new AI 1.1

    The AI is not working very well on the original download of this iconic Ridge Racer track, so I made a new line and baked in some fairly safe sidelines. I've tested on GT3 cars and other mid powered cars and they seem to negotiate the track okay. They are never going to be super competitive on...
  2. Lil Rusty

    Honda Integra DC5 | ADVAN/Mugen Skin Pack 1.0

    Skins from the game R: Racing Evolution (Ridge Racer spin-off). Created from scratch for the Honda Integra DC5 made by jet399 aka Jack Thorpe. ADVAN Blue: ADVAN Red: ADVAN Orange: Mugen Yellow: Mugen White: Mugen Blue: notice: photos of the Mugen skins are outdated, now the roof has its...
  3. Azure Goat

    'White Angel' Kamata Angelus McLaren 720S Skin - Ridge Racer V1.0

    Another Ridge Racer skin! I'm getting addicted to making these... This time, the White Angel - A.k.a. Kamata Angelus from the Ridge Racer series! Not exactly the easiest car to beat in the earlier games but still great to drive if you can unlock it - Or you could just drive this McLaren 720S...
  4. Azure Goat

    13th Racing 'Devil' Car - Ridge Racer v1.0

    Another Ridge Racer livery done... This one more simple - The 13th Racing, otherwise known as 'Devil Car', or I remember seeing someone refer to it as the 'Black Lamborghini' on an old gaming forum back in the day. Originally in the first Ridge Racer as that damn black car you couldn't beat in...
  5. Azure Goat

    Ridge Racer Type 4 ACC Skins v1.0

    I didn't see much Ridge Racer love for ACC, so after making and using the RTS skin for myself for some time I went ahead and put together other teams in respective cars to have a full roster! This mod gives 4 team liveries for different cars: #02 Racing Team Solvalou for the Assoluto...
  6. Liberty_Wings94

    The Cozzie Sr5 - Ridge Racer Type 4 livery [PRC] v 1.2

    The Cozzie Sr5 with PRC (Pac Racing Club) team's livery from the old arcade racing game "Ridge Racer Typre 4" re-imagined for a rally championship. More than simple easter eggs, this time I directly referenced "Ace Combat" game, effectively merging both franchises into one single entity. Who...
  7. A

    Lamborghini Huracan EVO - Micro Mouse Mappy 1.0

    Fictional livery inspired by Ridge Racer Type 4, french team Micro Mouse Mappy How to Install: Just extract in Document/Assetto Corsa Competizione Thanks to https://www.deviantart.com/isiacdagraca to create logos More photos
  8. RyokoMaruyama

    Audi 90 GTO Ridge Racer Type 4 Micro Mouse Mappy 1.0

    I tried to get as close as possible to the MMM liveries with this car. I think it fits the aesthetics of the 90 GTO due to the color palette and the 8 bit mice on the car!
  9. andi36356

    R.T. Solvalou Porsche 911 GT3R 2016 1.0

    Fictional Skin based on the Racing Team Solvalou livery from Ridge Racer Type 4 Comes with 2 preview images, one loosely based on the japanese cover art for Ridge Racer 4 as seen below, the other using the default Kunos style Installation: Extract the content folder into Assetto Corsa's...