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  1. Whills

    RFE Update for rFactor Default Tracks 1.2

    This addon is made for offline players, don't download this if you often use multiplayer mode. This addon will modify the .scn and .tdf files. This addon will make the original tracks support the RFE plugin. Installation: Move all files in the 'rFactor' folder into your rFactor installation...
  2. L

    F1 1981 HE 3.0

    Enjoy our latest update of F1 1981 HE 3.0
  3. Buzzardo

    Converting vehicles to be RFE-Compatible + Creating Functional Wet-Weather Tyre Textures

    Yo folks, I've been trying for some time to make wet tyres for CART-based mods (mainly 98), but I couldn't make its textures appear on the car (even though I managed to create the compound and make it work, the textures were as if a regular slick set was on anyway). Would be great if you...