redbull racing

  1. AndrewShelby1

    TEXANS RedBull Racing | AMG GT3 Evo v.1.0

  2. xNimus

    Max Verstappen Dutch GP Helmet and Car 1.0.0

    The 2021 Dutch GP helmet for Max Verstappen. he had a special painted style helmet, which i recreated for the base 2012 helmet (thats already stock ingame) i also added jumbo logos to the car (on the halo and the nose) the base livery is made by @Marco17_ok -...
  3. xNimus

    RedBull Racing RB16B turkish GP white livery RSS2021 1.1.0

    The Turkish GP livery for the RB16B, Red Bull Racing F1 team. with both Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez their cars. Please note that this is a Work In Progress. we only have seen the front and rear wing so far, so i had to imagine the rest kinda. so i did my best :) for the livery i used the...
  4. lukamesecfanboy

    RedBull Racing Turkish GP Special Honda Livery Pack 1.3

    UPDATE 1.3 - White T-shirts for the garage crew - Various minor fixes - More accurate boots UPDATE 1.2 - The halo gradient has been added - Japanese driver names on the suits - Various minor fixes - File size reduction UPDATE 1.0 - The official livery - White drivers' suits VERSION 0.5...
  5. jburon72

    Urban Camo Redbull Racing RB16 1.01

    VERSION 1.01 - Original Redbull chassis - Not 100% accurate and some blurred color due to UV map limitation/access - The number available are only for Albon, Verstappen and 72 - Copy and Paste IMPORTANT - You can't post Time Trial record online - Please read the included text for installation...
  6. jburon72

    2018 Redbull Urban Camo skin 1.0.1

    Hello guys. This is my version of Redbull's 2018 car launch which feature an urban camo livery. This is my interpretation of that livery so it might be different from the original design. - MOD DETAILS - VERSION: 1.01 - 2018 Redbull Preseason Urban Camo Livery - using the same redbull...