1. Spudknuckles

    Adrian Newey's 1963 Lightweight E-Type Jaguar 2.1

    This is a skin for the 'ACL GTC Jaguar E-type Lightweight' freely available as part of Bazza's 'AC Legends' GTC 60's Pack. 2K and 4K versions are provided. Red Bull technical director and F1 design wizard Adrian Newey campaigned this 1963 E-Type in the RAC TT Celebration (for closed cockpit GT...
  2. RoboSheep

    Ford F1 Team for Formula Hybrid 2017 2.0

    The is a livery based on the original U.S. racing colors of white and blue stripes updated for a Formula One 2017 car. The Ford team has decided to pay homage to their racing roots with the Shelby American Inc. logo being present on the front and rear wings. Ford also has several sponsors from...