race 07 tracks

  1. B

    Looking for Cleveland Burke Lakefront 2006 Champ Car Track for Race 07

    Hey everyone! I've been looking for the Cleveland Burke Lakefront track mod for Race 07, but I've only found the Gtr2 version (that doesn't load in Race 07) and an old link that doesn't work, can anyone help me out? Thanks!
  2. abrimaal

    Duck Hollows 202204 2A

    Offroad track based on the real layout of wreck racing track in Veschova / Wschowa, Poland. The track has been resized from about 1.5 to 5 km. Duck Hollows (Kacze Doły) is a recreational terrain at the suburb of Veschova. There are 6 ponds made during the world war 2 as protection from tanks...
  3. N

    Chang IC Thailand - Race07 2019-10-02

    Chang International Circuit. extract in ...GameData\Location. Created by barcika Converted Gtr2 Version to Race 07.