1. BIKER7202

    Mission Winnow Ducati V1.0

    My first mod for the new game, yes I have already made one XD Adds the Mission Winnow logos to the Ducati Adds the logos to Petrucci, Dovizioso and Custom Livery Not 100% accurate but close enough I think
  2. BIKER7202

    2019 Rider Performance Mod (Beta) V1.0

    A companion mod for my 2019 mod to give more 2019 like performance. Requires My 2019 Mod: Requires Career Mode Reset It's in beta so any feedback is appreciated Will be updated soon to fix a couple issues With: Without:
  3. BIKER7202

    2019 Season Mod V1.8

    My 2019 Mod Is Finally Here, I Hope You All Enjoy Install Instructions Are In The RAR. Thanks To Jonix For Allowing Me To Use His Awesome Ducati And Honda Wing Models Thanks To CalicoJack For Allowing Me To Use His Bagnaia Helmet, Suit, Gloves And Boots Thanks To 86ayayay For Allowing Me To...