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  1. Willem Kranendonk

    Super GP 1.20

    Super GP is a hybrid racecar that combines both Formula 1 and IndyCar technologies into one machine. Developed by ex-racers, this machine is the ultimate culmination pure speed, aerodynamics and the ultimate racecar for wheel to wheel action! The idea behind Super GP is that we wanted to have...
  2. K

    Problem with ASR OWC91

    Hi, I've got a problem with MP4/6,B191... so when i turn on the auto wheel rotation degres it don't work and stand at 900°. i need help thx
  3. Willem Kranendonk

    General Super GP - Physics modder needed!

    Hey all! My name is Delta and I along with a few others are making a Single Seater mod for our league OWC. We're looking for a physics modder to help us finish our mod and be apart of our project! We're looking for someone who can (from scratch) help us make the physics and correctly implement...