1. juanabolche

    Skin Toyota Yaris WRC 2021 - Sébastien Ogier, Julien Ingrassia 1.0

    Hello. I share the skin 2021 of the WRC, for the Toyota Yaris of the Toyota Gazoo Racing WRT. It's for Assetto Rally GRB mod. Suit and helmet are from Matthew327 It's my first car skin, so any suggestion is welcome.
  2. L

    Sebastien Ogier Polo WRC 2016 - Catalunya - Corsica - Monte Carlo - Wales - for Polo R5 2019-07-13

    Overview This is the liveries of the Volkswagen Polo WRC used by Sebastien Ogier for the rallies of Catalunya, Corsica, Monte Carlo and Wales in the 2016 season of the World Rally Championship. The duo of Ogier and Ingrassia won these rallies, which led them to win the World Rally Championship...
  3. Goozys

    Sébastien Ogier, Julien Ingrassia / Vodafone VW Rally Team 2.0