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nascar winston cup

  1. Sylana

    Dodge Charger '69 Olympia 1.0

    Olympia Beer #4 driven by Herschel McGriff and Doug McGriff at Le Mans. Personally I've always liked how some odd cars like NASCAR drove at Le Mans, so I decided to create a skin inspired by the 1972 Olympia Dodge Charger. It has two versions of the skin, compressed (default) and uncompressed...
  2. DannyDotCom

    Petty Enterprises #43 1.0

    Imma just cut to the point immediately, since I don't know what I want to say for the intro. Petty Enterprises #43 paint scheme for Daysuke/ascensionn's Dodge Charger mod, which you can get here. Includes ACSPRH helmet files if you don't want the fedora driver. Requires ACSPRH mod, obviously...
  3. chrisi2174

    3to CUP90 - NASCAR Winston Cup (16 Skins) 1.1

    New in version1.1 Oldsmobil Speed Racing Prestone Skin and and minor adjustments For example, Jeff Gordons Car revised the strips etc. overwrites the old files !!! mod here: 3to CUP90 version 0.5 is out!